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The benefits of working as an Agency Nurse

If you enjoy your nursing profession but would like to have greater control over where you work, Agency Nursing might just be the opportunity for you. There are a wide range of benefits, and it’s easy to register so that you can start your new journey.

What is Agency Nursing?

Should you not yet be too familiar with Agency Nursing, let us explain. Sometimes healthcare facilities (including hospitals, care homes, and various others) have a nursing staff shortage and need to quickly fill their shifts. This is the time when they approach a Nursing Agency to help them place an appropriate candidate to help them fill the shortfall. The agency offers the role to suitable Nurses who are registered with them. 
Agency roles aren’t just for Registered Nurses! There is a wide range of positions for different nursing professions. Whether you’re a Healthcare Assistant, Paediatric Nurse, Registered Mental Health Nurse, or you have another specialty, you can easily find a role at a Nursing Agency.

What are the benefits of Agency Nursing?

1. Flexibility of shift selection
Agency work gives you the freedom to select shifts that fit your preferences. You can choose whether you want day/night shifts, permanent/temporary work, specific locations, and pay rates to suit your needs.
2. Easy to accept shifts
Booking processes are usually simple and straight-forward. Nursing Agencies usually have multiple platforms that showcase different shifts and allow you multiple opportunities to book the shift that is appropriate for you.
3. Great pay rates
When you work for a Nursing Agency, your rate of pay is likely to be much higher than working directly with a hospital or facility. Agencies such as Greenstaff Medical have one of the highest pay rates in the industry (take a look for yourself).
4. Different working environments
Sometimes everyone feels like a change. That’s one of the greatest things about Agency Nursing! If you opt for temporary placements (rather than permanent roles), you are able to work in different settings whether it’s a care home, hospital, clinics, or somewhere else.
5. Growing your professional network
By working with a Nursing Agency, you will be able to grow your professional network in the healthcare industry due to the variety of working environments. Different settings allow you to meet many different people across multiple disciplines.
6. Skills development
Learning and skills development is crucial in the healthcare industry, no matter your profession. By partaking in Nursing Agency work, your versatility in settings and colleagues allows you to further your knowledge and experience.
7. Career opportunities
When it comes to Agency Nursing, you’d have many opportunities to further your career. You get exposure to different departments and areas of nursing that could give you an advantage when moving up your career ladder.
8. Better work-life balance
Due to the fact that agency work allows you to choose your own shifts, if you need the daytime to spend time with your children or catch up on errands, you can do just that. While this luxury isn’t afforded to all permanent positions, temporary shifts may allow for this.

The benefits of working with Greenstaff Medical UK

Something to remember when searching for a Nursing Agency is that not everyone has the same offerings. The registration and application process, benefits, and pay rates will most likely differ. Here are a few reasons why Greenstaff Medical UK stands out from the rest:
  • We care! We want the right care for both our clients and our candidates
  • Our nurses are fully vetted
  • Access to Greesntaff perks
  • Compliance check for all our staff
  • Dedicated account manager to help you
  • 24/7 Access to our team
  • Access to a Clinical Nurse 
  • Excellent pay rates 

What makes a Greenstaff nurse?

When you work with Greenstaff Medical, you are part of a team. Our nurses are a reflection of values that all of us strive to uphold.

  • Reliable
  • Experienced
  • Caring
  • Trusted
  • Resilient
  • Dedicated
If you feel that you are the right candidate for us, take a look at the jobs we have available, or get in touch with us to learn more!