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June 2023 Healthcare Hero: A Glimpse into the Life of Richard Oseji at Greenstaff Medical UK

In the bustling world of healthcare, it takes a special kind of individual to provide exceptional patient care while maintaining a positive mindset. In June, we shined a spotlight on Richard Oseji, a dedicated Healthcare Assistant (HCA) at Greenstaff Medical's nursing home division. With his passion for making a difference in the lives of service users, Richard brings a unique perspective to the industry. Join us as we delve into Richard's journey and discover what makes his experience at Greenstaff Medical so rewarding.


A Welcoming Workplace Culture:

Having joined Greenstaff Medical six months ago, Richard has found a workplace culture that embraces diversity and fosters a strong sense of teamwork. He describes it as "accommodating, with a good team spirit and assistance when needed." This supportive environment allows Richard to thrive and deliver the highest standard of care to his patients.


A Seamless Onboarding Process:

First impressions matter, and Richard's experience with Greenstaff Medical's onboarding process did not disappoint. He commends the compliance team for their quick and easy process, ensuring a smooth transition into his role. Frequent responses and guidance provided during onboarding made Richard feel valued and supported from day one.


Encouragement and Reimbursements:

Greenstaff Medical recognises the unique challenges that some healthcare professionals face, such as transportation and accommodation. As Richard currently does not drive, he appreciates the encouragement and reimbursements made available to individuals like him. This support ensures that he can be there for his patients, even if it means staying overnight or arriving a day early.


Filling the Gap: Making a Difference:

Richard's passion for filling shifts goes beyond the call of duty. He empathises with service users and clients who may not receive the level of care they deserve due to a shortage of staff. By stepping in to fill these gaps, Richard believes he is truly making a difference in their lives. He recognises the impact he can have on their well-being and takes great pride in being their advocate.


Handling Stress with Grace:

As healthcare professionals, stress can be an inevitable part of the job. Richard, however, has found effective ways to manage and overcome workplace stress. During his breaks, he takes short walks to clear his mind and rejuvenate his spirit. Richard's personal mantra, "It's just a bend, it's not the end," reminds him to stay positive and embrace the challenges that come his way.


Breaking Stereotypes:

Being a male nurse in a female-dominated industry can present its own set of challenges. However, Richard has not let gender stereotypes hinder his progress. While he occasionally encounters load-moving duties traditionally assigned to male colleagues, he appreciates the balance and support from his team, ensuring that the workload is equally distributed. Richard views these moments as opportunities to showcase his skills and contribute to a more inclusive work environment.


Future Goals: A Journey to Full-Time Nursing:

Richard's aspirations within the healthcare industry extend beyond his current role as an HCA. He aims to become a full-time nurse in the coming years, taking on new challenges and expanding his skill set. Greenstaff Medical stands committed to supporting Richard's career advancement, providing him with the opportunities and resources he needs to achieve his goals.



Richard Oseji's journey at Greenstaff Medical exemplifies the dedication and passion that healthcare professionals bring to their roles. Through a nurturing workplace culture, seamless onboarding process, and unwavering support, Greenstaff Medical empowers individuals like Richard to make a positive impact in the lives of their patients. As he continues to fill the gaps and work towards his goal of becoming a full-time nurse, Richard serves as an inspiration to his colleagues and a beacon of hope for service users. Together, they are shaping the future of healthcare, one compassionate act at a time. To join the ranks to become a healthcare hero like Richard, register with us today.