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NWAFT Charity Ball Raises £30,000 for Hospitals

Craig Revel Horwood, NHS Trust, and a Night of Giving Back

In a dazzling display of generosity and support, the North West Anglia Foundation NHS (National Health Service) Trust (NWAFT) recently hosted a Charity Ball that not only lit up the night but also shone a beacon of hope for healthcare. The event, held at the Holiday Inn in Peterborough, brought together hearts and wallets to raise over £30,000 for the hospitals under NWAFT's care

The aim was clear; to strengthen the services provided by these hospitals, enhancing everything from end-of-life treatment to the welfare of patients through innovative initiatives like welfare trolleys. What's more, this philanthropic extravaganza saw the attendance of none other than Craig Revel Horwood, the renowned Strictly Come Dancing judge and the hospital's charity patron. His presence added a touch of glamour and excitement to an already vibrant evening.


The enthusiasm was noticeable as guests mingled, danced, and bid for a worthy cause. The joy of giving back was infectious, spreading smiles and camaraderie throughout the venue. It was not just about the glamour of the event but about the profound impact it would have on the lives of those in need.


One of the highlights of the evening was the inauguration of a new charity hub at Peterborough City Hospital. This hub represents more than just a physical space; it's a symbol of community solidarity and support. It's a place where kindness meets action, where resources are pooled to make a tangible difference in healthcare services.


Events like these remind us of the power of collective action. Every pound raised, every dance step taken, and every smile shared contributes to a brighter, healthier future for our communities. It's about coming together, regardless of background or profession, to rally behind a common cause.


In the end, it's not just about the money raised; it's about the lives touched, the spirits lifted, and the bonds strengthened. Here's to more moments of unity, generosity, and dancing for a cause that truly matters.


Reference: BBC - ‘Charity Ball raises £30,000 for NHS trust’.