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Vaccination of people working or deployed in care homes

From the 11th November 2021, all care staff working or providing professional services e.g. district nurses, GPs, to a care home of any type in England must have evidence that they have received both covid vaccinations. The second vaccination must have been received by no later than 27th October 2021 so that the 2-week period for full vaccination is achieved.

All staff will be required to provide evidence of their vaccination and this can be obtained either from the NHS Covid App or via the Covid Status Service here.

If you have not received communication from us, you will need to complete the details on this form.

If you have an official vaccination exemption letter from their GP or Hospital Consultant this will need to be provided. These letters will be issued following the NHS Exemption Criteria.

For those providing care in a vulnerable adult/child in their own home via complex care will be advised if vaccination is required as this will be decision made for each case by the authority paying for the care.

NHS acute hospital staff are not affected at this time (24/09/21) as the Government consultation has not concluded as yet. Wales, Scotland and NI will have implemented approaches as well.

Further guidance can be found here on the website.

If you would like to speak to someone on the team at Greenstaff Medical, you can get in touch directly with Tersia Ihlenfeldt, Compliance Manager at